• FP Mini Switch Bracket - FR4

This  switch bracket serves a two-fold purpose. First it is used as a switch mounting bracket when soldering in the switches. The bracket keeps the switches perfectly aligned during soldering. Secondly it is used as needed strain relief. Operation of the switches put stress on the PCB and over time with prolonged use create failures on the solder joints or cracked traces.

This kit includes:

  • One bracket made of FR4 material (PCB). Each hole threaded for 2-56 screws
  • 21 stainless steel 2-56 machine screws
  • 2 threaded (4-40) aluminum hex standoffs
  • 4 4-40 machine screws

Installation requires you to drill two holes in the FP Mini PCB (Rev E). The bracket must be used as a drill guide so that none of the traces on the front and back of the board are cut or damaged. The PCB mounting holes are optional so if your not comfortable drilling them you don't have to. These holes do provide additional stress relief.

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FP Mini Switch Bracket - FR4

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